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Wish from a baby:  Let me grow...just like me

Wish from a baby: Let me grow...just like me

by Madga Gerber

幼兒的希望: 請讓我長成我自己

Madga Gerber 是一位熱心的早期教育工作者,提出用新的目光去看待幼兒 "Seeing Infants with New Eyes", 提倡成人對待幼兒的態度應是尊重、信任,接納,在嬰幼兒時期的保育工作便是對孩子的教育一部份 (Educare), 並創立了Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) organisation.



Magda Gerber was an infant education expert on respectful care and education, and the founder of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) organisation. She demonstrated how we should 'Seeing Infants with New Eyes', emphasising respect, trust and acceptance in interacting with infants. The basis of Magda's Gerber's Educaring® is respect for, and trust in the baby to be an initiator, an explorer, and a self learner.

Parents often raise aspirations, dreams and expectations for the future of their children. Are our hopes, dreams and expectations for our children what they really need? I believe many of us experienced the same with our parents when we were young. Remember how we felt and how our personality affected by those expectations?

Let's refresh ourselves, see our children with new eyes, respect them as a unique human being, prepare a suitable environment for them to explore and grow in their own way!

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